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Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market Toronto


Posted by : Catherine Jheon, Wed, Jun 27 2007

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I went to check out Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market yesterday. It's one of four new Farmer's Markets that's popped up in Toronto this year. (It reads est. 2007 on the brochure.)

Like many of our guest blogger correspondents across Canada, I love Farmer's Markets. What's not to love? There's fresh fruit, friendly farmers and generous samples.

Trinity Bellwoods in an all-organic market whose mandate is to promote local and urban sustainable agriculture. Scott Ciniello, the market manager of Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market, told me he wanted to leave the world a better place for his two-year-old daughter (awww).

The market is small but is set up to meet all your shopping needs.

You could start with fair trade coffee from Alternative Grounds, or if you're not a coffee drinker, organic tea from Tealish, and some awesome granola from The Local Café (I had some for breakfast today).

For lunch you could dine on some beautiful artisanal bread from Alchemy Baking Co. and lovely artisanal sheep's milk cheeses from Monforte Dairy. Then for dinner you could have a huge salad, followed by these sun-kissed strawberries from Quinte Organic Farmers Co-op.

I'm off to New York this afternoon so I couldn't buy everything I wanted but I'll definitely be going back. Eating local and organic just makes sense, so get out to your local Farmers Markets and enjoy all that Canada has to offer. (OK, I'm getting off my soapbox now.)

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For those of you who are interested, here's a list of farmers markets in Ontario.

Posted: Wed, Jun 27 2007 by Catherine Jheon
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