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Walkerville Brewery, Windsor


Posted by : Anonymous, Sat, Dec 01 2007

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To look at me, one would not think I had anything in common with Al Capone. Yet, a fact I just learned is, at one time, the famous gangster enjoyed drinking beer from Walkerville Brewery just as much as I do. At least, that is what Walkerville claims.

My husband and I have been appreciating the Classic Amber Lager from Walkerville, located in Windsor, Ontario for a few years at our local bars and were delighted when it finally came to the LCBO shelves. Recently, we decided to take a tour of the brewery to find out more about its history, as well as take part in the free tastings - which was probably the real motive all along.

Walkerville Brewery has a history that dates beyond the rum runners and bootleggers. At the turn of the 20th century it was owned by Hiram Walker and focused on creating lager. It was shut down in 1952 because of competition with breweries in the United States. Walkerville Brewery was later revived by a Windsor businesswoman in 1998 and since then has created products that have won awards across North America. The brewery is also part of the Ontario Craft Brewers Association which exists to "to promote…fresh, natural, quality beer."

After taking in the history of the brewery we were able to get to the tasting - finally!  When comparing the samples side by side it is easy to recognize the various complexities of the different beers. The Amber Lager is full-bodied, but not too bitter, while the Superior Light is just as described and would make a great summer beer. Smooth is a good word to describe the Premium Blonde, which I believe is my favourite. The shop sells bottles, kegs and growlers (which hold about two litres of beer and look like a jug of moonshine). We settled for a six-pack of the Premium Blonde and set off to enjoy our evening.

Besides drinking, the next best thing to do with beer is use it in your cooking. Food Network Canada has some great recipes, but who would know Walkerville beer better than the brewers themselves?  The Walkerville website provides some delicious dishes for all to try.

They include:

  • Beer Mussels
  • Beer-Braised Baby Back Ribs
  • Beer Salmon
  • Jumbo Shrimp in Walkerville Beer with Fresh Horseradish Sauce

Danielle is a food lover who believes that Windsor, Ontario makes some of the best pizza in Canada. She blogs at maplesyrupandpoutine.blogspot.com.

Posted: Sat, Dec 01 2007 by Anonymous

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