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London Ice Cream Company


Posted by : Anonymous, Mon, Apr 28 2008

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Every time I have a chance to indulge in an ice cream treat, I take it. I am picky when it comes to ice cream though. I refuse to accept it if it's made with fake flavours, hydrogenated oil, whipped in air, or any six syllable words that I cannot pronounce. I prefer to make my own or sample other types of this frozen treat that are made with good quality ingredients.

At the grocery store my stand-by is Hagen Dazs, when lounging at the cottage it is always Kawartha Dairy, and if I am at home I take pleasure in  London Ice Cream Company.

London Ice Cream Company is a regional favourite as well as the first new ice cream manufacturing company in Ontario quite a while. Their motto is "the way it used to be" which applies to the way they make their products. The Company seems to make their flavours in smaller batches and rotate them according to seasons. They not only make high quality ice cream but also deal in frozen yogurt, sherbet and sorbets.

Pulling up along Baseline Road, one can immediately pick out the London Ice Cream building. A stunning shade of Pepto pink, it definitely stands out among the others. The ice cream is both made and sold in that same building. The area for customers is small and consists of a few self-serve freezers containing 2L and 4L buckets of ice cream as well as ice cream cakes. At the front is a case containing about fifteen of their current scoopable flavours including Spring Mint, Strawberry Cheesecake, and, the always fashionable, Rocky Road.

Moose Tracks seems to be one of their most popular flavours with its decadent trails of fudge. Autumn brings Pumpkin and St. Jacob's Apple Pie which could easily substitute for the real thing. Bubble Gum and Cotton Candy flavours are available for those with a sweet tooth, and Chocolate and Peanut Butter includes rich lumps of real peanut butter and is my choice for favourite.

Quality ingredients, realistic flavours, and ice cream made in small batches, "the way it used to be" sets London Ice Cream Company apart from the rest. It also gives Ontarians another easy way to support a great local company that makes an amazing product. London Ice Cream Company products can be found at stores across South Western Ontario, including Remark Farms.

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London Ice Cream Company
1-43 Baseline Rd. W.
London, ON
(519) 645-6045

Danielle is a food lover who believes that Windsor, Ontario makes some of the best pizza in Canada. She blogs at maplesyrupandpoutine.blogspot.com.

Posted: Mon, Apr 28 2008 by Anonymous

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