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Halloween Tasting Lab: Kiss vs. Kiss


Posted by : Jessica McLaughlin, Thu, Oct 23 2008

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Drug stores and grocery stores have aisles upon aisles of mini-chocolate bars and candy, but something is suspiciously absent -- Halloween Kisses! Back when I was trick-or-treating (many years ago), these cavity-loosening chews dominated my candy haul. Today, if you want a taste of these old school Halloween treats, you'll have to do a little digging. I found the first ones (yellow, orange, black and white) at a bulk candy store and the others (black and orange) at Bulk Barn.

The "Original" Halloween Kisses
According to the wrapper, these are the "original." They're made by a Quebec company called Bonbons Associes.

If molasses isn't your favourite flavour, but you want to revisit this chewy piece of nostalgia, try this candy out. The molasses flavour is mild.

Here's what we thought:

"Sweeter, burnt caramel taste."

"Softer around the outside and harder in the middle."

"Texture is smoother, but there is less flavour than the other candy."

For the Molasses Fan
These treats can be found at Bulk Barn stores, across most of the country.

I absolutely love molasses! So much so that as a kid I would pour some on a plate and dip whole wheat bread into it as a treat. There's no mistaking that mouth-drying molasses flavour in these candies.

Here's what we thought: 

"More molasses-y tasting."

"Soft morsels fit easily into your mouth making them perfect for chewing comfortably."

"More even consistency."

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Posted: Thu, Oct 23 2008 by Jessica McLaughlin

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