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Photos: BC's Salt Spring Island Market


Posted by : Guest Blogger, Mon, May 10 2010

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(Fried potato on a stick (!) and peppercorn bread)

Like the Prodigal son, I've returned to Salt Spring Island to take respite from the busy life I've created in the city.  I don't bother with any "hellos" or "welcome home" and head straight to the famous Saturday market to heal my wounds.  What? Food can't heal wounds? You'll beg to differ as you make your way through the food section of the market.

Engaging with artisan food producers brings about some interesting stories and anecdotes.  Bloom Breads' baker, Tony DePasquale makes incredible Italian and European-style breads crafted with great technique and all organic ingredients.  He also happens to be David Rocco's cousin  from David Rocco's Dolce Vita.  Keeping in touch with his cousin has been reduced to weddings and funerals in typical Italian fashion.

With Tony's Italian loaf in arm I make my way to David Wood's cheese booth and sample EVERY cheese he has.  I pick up a wash rind, soft goat's cheese that I will pair with a brilliant Gary Oak's blanc de noir

(Tarte aux tomates)

Spring brings with it the anticipation of a fruitful summer and a grand harvest for the farmers.  For now I am content with bags of sprouted peanuts, rhubarb and fresh mushrooms.  But wait, there's still baked goods from Bite Me, olive tapenade from Picnic and Company,  Canneles Borderlais from Rendezvous, French patisserie, Dough-Boys from Lorraine's kitchen with her large selection of chutneys and jam,  date and ginger bread from Heather, chocolates from Artisan Chocolatier and apple juice from Laughing Apple Farm. 

I sense that my trip to Salt Spring Island is going to be extended.   Do you think anyone will notice if I'm not back on Monday?

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Posted: Mon, May 10 2010 by Guest Blogger

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