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Video: Sam Graci on Maintaining Your Health


Posted by : Catherine Jheon, Fri, Jan 15 2010

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I met with Sam Graci, the famous nutrition consultant, best-selling author, and the man behind the mega successful Greens + Supplements, to get some tips for healthier eating in the New Year.

Sam believes that ultimate health can only be achieved with a balanced PH between acidic (alcohol, egg yolk, peanut butter) vs. alkaline foods (kale, miso, kimchi.) Actually, the ideal diet is slightly alkaline. (Click here and scroll down for a handy chart showing which foods are acidic and which are alkaline.)

I'll let Sam explain how the whole PH balancing aspect works in the video below. He also has a great tip for a low calorie dessert using frozen bananas.


Posted: Fri, Jan 15 2010 by Catherine Jheon
Filed under: Tips, Healthy

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