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Ask the "Big Cheese": What Happens to the Food Cooked During Taping of Shows?


Posted by : Catherine Jheon, Thu, Mar 04 2010

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Without further ado, here is another installment of our relatively new feature with Karen G., our Senior VP of Lifestyle Content (AKA "The Big Cheese"). (The feature is newer than Karen's publicity photo, which still has her with long hair.)

It's your direct line to the top of the food chain (couldn't resist the pun!) to ask questions about what you see, or don't see, on Food Network Canada. What other broadcaster does this, I ask you?

This week's question comes from Laura and Sue who wanted to know: What happens to all the food cooked during the taping of shows?(Great question ladies, I found the answer very informative hopefully you will too. See video for details)

In case you're wondering, the show that donated its appliances to the women's shelter was Eat, Shrink and Be Merry. Go Greta and Janet Podleski! Also, did you like how I tried to fanangle an invite to be a "friend" on Ricardo? Pathetic I know but you can't fault a girl for trying.

As always, keep those questions coming. We LOVE hearing from you!


Posted: Thu, Mar 04 2010 by Catherine Jheon

Get to know:Catherine Jheon

Hi food lovers, I'm the managing editor of foodnetwork.ca. I've been writing and working in the food world for almost a decade! I'm always ready to explore new tastes and ideas so drop me a line with anything food related to share.

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