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Ask the "Big Cheese": How Does A Show Make It On-Air?


Posted by : Catherine Jheon, Wed, May 12 2010

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Without further ado, here is another installment of Ask the Big Cheese with Karen G., our Senior VP of Lifestyle Content.  It's your direct line to the top of the food chain (couldn't resist the pun!) to ask questions about what you see, or don't see, on Food Network Canada. What other broadcaster does this, I ask you?

This week's question comes from chomedy who wanted to know: How does a show make it on-air on Food Network Canada?(Great question! This is one I come across a lot as well). Check out Karen G's answer below.


All you folks with show ideas, we are currently seeking entertaining, prime time food shows with repeatability.  For our submission guidelines and our release form please contact:
Brynn Tschirhart at BTschirhart@canwest.com

As always, keep those questions coming. We LOVE hearing from you!


Posted: Wed, May 12 2010 by Catherine Jheon

Get to know:Catherine Jheon

Hi food lovers, I'm the managing editor of foodnetwork.ca. I've been writing and working in the food world for almost a decade! I'm always ready to explore new tastes and ideas so drop me a line with anything food related to share.

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