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YOUR COMMENTS: Giada or Ina, Corn Filler, Organic Wins Out and The F Word


Posted by : foodnetworkcanada, Sat, Aug 02 2008

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Here's what you had to say this week on Foodtv.ca:

Kat: "Ina in a Canadian minute!  She doesn't run a fashion show over her dishes in fact her clothes never detract from the fact that she a teaching/cooking cook. In the 5 years I have seen her, same type of outfit and most importantly shows class.  Giada is too Hollywood for me and every show the tops get lower and lower, better left to a clothing show.  I do try Ida dishes and love them as they are stylish with available ingredients." read all comments.

Rachael Ray's Going to the Dogs
Kristin: "I just took a look at the ingredients list of this food and it contains no one, but two types of corn. Don't feed your dogs corn, it's a cheap filler and offers little to no nutritional benefits excepts as a cheap and weak source of protein. Also, the treats from this line contain high-fructose corn syrup. Shame on Rachel Ray. Ellen Degeneres "Halo" brand is a NUCH better food, as it doens't contain wheat, corn byproduct or artificial preservative." read all comments

A CLOSER LOOK: Local vs. Organic: What's More Important to You? [from Eating Well]
Craig: "I have found at my neighbourhood markets that typically 'local' and 'organic' tend to go hand in hand. On those occasions where I may be forced to choose, local wins everytime. Organic farming is undoubtedly a healthier way to eat, however when that organic produce ripens on a truck travelling thousands of miles to my local market, there simply has to be some loss in the nutritional value." read all comments.

Gordon Ramsay's Appropriate Use of the F-Word
Marianna Kiva: "I am an avid follower of Chef Gordon Ramsay's shows. Those, who found his language offensive, may want to try and eat some of the offensive food, from filthy kitchens, featuring on his show. While I do not adhere to the F-word, I am glad that there is somebody who conveys strong feelings to those responsible of food preparation. Awesome show, unpretentious and genuine." read all comments.


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Posted: Sat, Aug 02 2008 by foodnetworkcanada
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