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Your Comments: Learn to Cook, Visit a Farm and Don't be so Finicky!


Posted by : foodnetworkcanada, Sat, Jun 28 2008

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Take a look at this week's round-up of your great comments on our blogs: 

Question of the Week: How Are You Coping with the Rising Food Costs?
Wally: "I think it is the right time for many people to learn how to cook so they don't have to pay foolish prices for prepared foods. Whether it is frozen food for those on the run or prepared foods for those who can't roast a chicken or are too lazy to make a salad, buy a basic cookbook and learn. Oh, and I think you might like the taste better, too." read all comments.

Forsythe Family Farms, Markham, ON[from Bazaar]
Dick Black: "Who would have thought this type of farm was still operating and yet so close? I hope they don't turn it into a golf course anytime soon, as the area is ripe for development." read all comments.

No Photo Rule Irks Food Bloggers
Ian: "I not only agree with the ban on picture taking in restaurants, I would like to see a ban on cell phone users. When I take my wife out to eat I want to get away from it all; loud noise (kids running and screaming through the restaurant), camera flash and cell phones are simply not a part of fine dining." read all comments.

Top Chef: The Cookbook [from Bazaar]
Fred: "I bought this book at Costco (for next to nothing!) and really enjoyed it. If you like the show, you'll love the cookbook." read all comments.


Top 20 Gross Foods
Victoria: "Wow, did they only poll finicky children? Most things on that list were pretty ordinary and yummy, I think. The explanations of why people didn't like those foods seemed to be a combination of them being completely juvenile and associating the food with a personal experience." read all comments.

Posted: Sat, Jun 28 2008 by foodnetworkcanada
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