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Posted by : Elana Safronsky, Wed, Sep 10 2008

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Hello all,

My name is Elana.

Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me, as it is mostly my musings that you'll be reading and discussing on this food blog.

First off, a confession: I'm no culinary master. I do however LOVE to eat, the kitchen with all its entrails is my favourite place to be and unlike for many, the eternal question of "What shall we have for dinner?" causes my head to swim with ambrosial possibilities versus the more typical pangs of dinner-block.

But there are many ways in which to love food, and to show you which way is mine I've devised a list of what many of you will agree, are telltale questions;

Do you….

1. Clean while you cook or is the spaghetti hanging off the ceiling with not a clean dish in sight?
Definitely clean while I cook. The less mess, and the less dishes I can use, the better.

2. Graze or eat three square meals a day?
If left to my own devices, I'd graze heavily between three, ample meals, but will go with graze.

3. Buy organic or bust? Or as time/money/willpower permits?
For myself, as time/money/willpower permits (just can't say no to a few processed evils), but for my 16-month old daughter, it's absolutely organic or bust.

4. Follow the recipe to a T, or often interpret?
Definitely prone to interpretation. If there's something a recipe calls for that I don't have, I'm happy to experiment with whatever I may have on hand.

5. Prefer meat that's fall-off-the-bone or just barely grilled?
Fall-off-the-bone all the way! Slow cooked meats are my absolute favourite.

6. Prefer chicken or pork?
Hmm… Can't choose. Like them both.

7. Prefer basil or cilantro?

8. Prefer Balsamic or red wine vinegar?
Definitely love them both.

9. Prefer ketchup or vinegar on your fries?
Ketchup, and sometimes even a spiced mayo!

What are some of your answers to these questions? Let me know!

Posted: Wed, Sep 10 2008 by Elana Safronsky
Filed under: Community, News

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