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The Blogosphere: Chickens in Vancouver, Quitting by Cake, Food That Will Make You Fat and More


Posted by : Guest Blogger, Thu, Mar 26 2009

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Reading through the blogosphere this month was certainly entertaining. I discovered a few new favourite blogs and returned to some old classics having a good giggle along the way. Here's a sampling of what piqued my interest and awakened my taste buds.

Homegrown Blogs

From left clockwise: Cake Wrecks, Tingling Tastebuds, and Endless Banquet

Blog On!
Congrats once again to Everybody Likes Sandwiches' Jeanette Ordas for winning the 9th annual Weblog Awards for best Canadian blog.

Trouble in the Hen House
I had no idea that there was an ongoing debate in Vancouver about backyard chickens. That's right, there is a movement taking place to allow city folk to keep poultry products in close quarters to their dwelling. Tingling Tastebuds had some interesting points about keeping a fresh meal in your backyard.

Resignation by Cake
Yep, you no longer need a well-crafted resignation letter to advise employers of your impending departure from the company. Just send them a cake. Leave it to Cake Wrecks to post this little gem.

After scouring through endless of blogs this month there were a few recipes that hit my foodie radar and have gone on my list of things to make - one day.

I heart purple food
Alright I have to admit that that I love any food that is purple.  It's weird, I know, but there is something about the colour I find appealing.  With that said I feel like I have to share Beet Pesto from A Canadian Foodie.  I've never turned this hardy root vegetable in a pesto before - looks delicious.

How about a little mac and cheese in your flap jack?
I love mac and cheese.  I also love pancakes. But I had never thought of putting the two together until I read this post. The recipe taken from Shopsin's Eat Me: The Food and Philosophy of Kenny Shopsin is apparently quite tasty. Has anyone else tried putting this combo together?

I'm a sucker for Tzatziki
There is always tzatziki in my fridge. I have no idea where my love of this Greek staple comes from, but a container always sneaks its way into my shopping cart.  But after watching this video on how to do it yourself, I just might take to making my own.

Around the World

From left clockwise:Bakerella,Smitten Kitchen,BNET Advertising,This Is Why You're Fat

Bakerella - Where Have You Been Hiding!
This blog makes me want to take up baking delectable sweets for a living.  Her photography is amazing and all of her creations jump off your screen. Secret confession: I love Hello Kitty. I think this post made me a Bakerella fan for life!

They're Starting Them Young
The next generation of foodies have taken to the interweb sharing their love of all things food. Foodie at Fifteen is leading the pack. This kid covets his Le Creuset Dutch Oven - how cute is that?

Don't Mess with A Consumer's Juice Carton
After spending a whopping amount of money on rebranding, Pepsico has decided to drop the new design for it's Pepsi Cola and Tropicana bottles and cartons. Turns out consumers weren't feeling the love when it came to the new designs.  I kind of liked the design of the new Tropicana carton myself.

I'm Ready for My Close-Up Mr. DeMille
Food photography is an art unto itself.  How do you make food look fresh, vibrant and tasty all through the eye of a lens? Just ask Smitten Kitchen - she has mastered the art of the perfect food photo.  Oh yeah, she has great recipes to boot!  It's well worth checking out this site every couple of days to see what's cooking in her kitchen.

This Is Why You're Fat
Any finally, fattening food. This blog went around our office recently much to the great amusement, horror, and disbelief of my fellow co-workers.  Seriously, we couldn't believe some of the crazy culinary concoctions that people can come up with.  Does anyone fancy chocolate covered bacon?

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Posted: Thu, Mar 26 2009 by Guest Blogger
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