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Spotlight on Vancouver 2010


Posted by : Catherine Jheon, Fri, Feb 12 2010

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(Olympic Village courtesy of City of Vancouver)

I don't know about you, but over the next 17 days, I'm looking forward to seeing the world's best athletes compete in the spirit of good will and brotherhood and… well OK, I confess, I'm also looking forward to the form-fitting outfits. I'm talking bout the Olympics of course, which kick off today.

Since the Games are taking place in our groovy West Coast, we're devoting all of February to all things Vancouver (and Victoria) here on Food Network Canada and on HGTV.ca's Style Sheet. (Check out our cool banner to top).

We've rolled out some of our West Coast content already, but we have more planned in the days ahead, so stay tuned.

In the meanwhile here's what we've posted so far:

Related: Be sure to check out HGTV.ca's West Coast coverage over at Style Sheet.

Posted: Fri, Feb 12 2010 by Catherine Jheon

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Hi food lovers, I'm the managing editor of foodnetwork.ca. I've been writing and working in the food world for almost a decade! I'm always ready to explore new tastes and ideas so drop me a line with anything food related to share.

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