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Top 5: Weird Things Dipped In Chocolate


Posted by : voutmezguine, Thu, Jul 29 2010

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Whether it be milk, dark or white there is always a place in my heart, stomach and mouth for chocolate. Nothing can be wrong when I'm indulging in the stuff. It's like a personal relaxant. Although even a chocoholic like me may have to think twice about indulging in some of these treats. Read on.

1) I don't know if this still holds a strange factor, but when I initially learned that people dipped bacon in chocolate I thought, weird. But maybe it's truly the perfect combination of sweet, salty, chewy and interesting. I'll let you decide.


2) Chocolate covered potato chips. Now you might think to yourself, that's not odd. Here is where I disagree, it's not really odd in the sense that it shouldn't be done, but I've never come across the stuff until my co-worker Elana brought some PEI Chips: Chocolate Covered Potato Chips (Old Dutch Rippled) back from her trip to the east coast. The verdict: super tasty. Should you come across this snack, embrace them. 


3) Let's get into something more interesting shall we? Chocolate covered onions. I'm really not one for eating raw onions, though I suppose if you really enjoy the vegetable this might spruce it up.


4) Squidanyone? I also don't eat squid and this ups the ante for my case. I can't eat something that looks exactly as it is, and this just takes the cake for me. I wonder if it's good, has anyone tried it?


5) Beware of the scorpion! Apparently you can eat these eight-legged claw-snapping tail-stinging creatures. Though I don't know why you'd want to. Nonetheless, should you be interested don't fret because they're available dipped in chocolate! Kudos to anyone who has enough guts to bite into this. If you've tried it, or any of the items above, I'd really like to hear about your experience.



Posted: Thu, Jul 29 2010 by voutmezguine
Filed under: Chocolate, top 5

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