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Top 5: Bizarre Food Items


Posted by : voutmezguine, Wed, Sep 22 2010

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1) Ever wanted to eat dirt? Seriously. It is a food trend. Well it's not exactly dirt, you see edible dirt is a mixture of dried or charred ingredients. It looks like ash, sand or soil, but it gives the dish an earthy appearance, extra flavour and aroma. What's the purpose you ask? According to Chef Rene Redzepi of Noma, a Copenhagen restaurant given the title of Best Restaurant in the World by Restaurant magazine, it focuses on the dish's vegetables and proteins.

2) How do you feel aboutpig's feet(below left)? Renown chefs like Thomas Keller (The French Laundry) and David Chang (momofuku ) have used it in their menu. Are you adventurous enough to embrace this food trend?



3) What aboutcheesemade out of breast milk (above right)? A while back we chatted about this in the blogandforum . It created quite the debate, and I'm not actually stating that this item is trendy, but it is a bit out there.


4) Why eat corn fungusCuitlacoche aka corn smut, is a Mexican delicacy. The kernels get infected by a plant fungus that cause them to expand with tumours. Sounds delightful doesn't it? Apparently it tastes somewhat like musty mushrooms with a slight corn sweetness.

5) Could you eat off of a stranger? This is not joke, Nyotaimori or body sushi is where you are literally able to eat sushi off of a naked female (whose privates are covered by a garnish.) Apparently eating body temperature sushi lets the diner focus on the texture and taste. 


Posted: Wed, Sep 22 2010 by voutmezguine
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