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Introducing Top Chef Canada Competitor Steve Gonzalez


Posted by : Catherine Jheon, Thu, Mar 31 2011

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As you know with Top Chef Canada  premiering Monday, April 11th 9pmET/10pmPT, we've decided get to know the 16 TCC competitors a little better.

Yesterday we met Michael Stauffer, Le Cordon Bleu trained chef who's staged at some impressive restaurants around the world.

Today we're getting to know Steve Gonzalez. He's worked at some of the hottest restaurants in Toronto as well as cooked in Spain, Hong Kong and Miami. Be sure to head on over to the TCC site where you can read Steve's full bio and watch his audition tape.

Come back tomorrow to meet another one of our accomplished competitors.

(Also just a reminder I'm simply featuring the competitors in the order they returned my email -- in case you were reading into the order in any way -- DON'T!)

Food Network Canada: Your favourite dish?

Steve Gonzalez: Ceviche

FNC: Fave kitchen utensil/gadget?
SG: Tweezers -- good for so many things.

FNC: What would we find in your fridge on a typical day? 
SG: In my fridge at home you will find Jamaican beef patties and some sort of soda pop and a loaf of bread.

FNC: Fave ingredient?  
SG: My favorite ingredient is cilantro and I use it for my favorite dish ceviche

FNC: Where does your love of cooking come from?
SG: My love for food came to me at an early age. Always liked eating and ate everything but it wasn't until high school I realized that I was good and people liked my food.

FNC: Your guilty food pleasure?
SG: I like to snack and sweets are my fav. Sour keys and creamsicles are on the top of the list.

FNC: Food aversions? Dislikes

SG: None

FNC: Have you been recognized? 
SG: I haven't been recognized yet but lots of old friends are seeing me around and getting in contact with me.

FNC: Fave cookbook authors?  
SG: My favorite cook book right now is the Latin Evolution by Jose Garces. It gives my ideas and makes me feel good that another Latino chef is doing what I hope to achieve one day.

FNC: Complete this sentence: People would be surprised to find out that... 
SG: People will be surprised that I like to cook in shorts, t shirt and running shoes.

Be sure to check out our Top Chef Canada  site and don't forget to watch In the Hot Seat with Head Judge Mark McEwan  -- a super cute/fun video if I do say so myself. (BTW I'm determined to hear Mark's hidden talent one day).


Posted: Thu, Mar 31 2011 by Catherine Jheon

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