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Roger Mooking's Food Adventures: Red Snapper in Trinidad


Posted by : Guest Blogger, Wed, Aug 03 2011

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To help us get inspired to try new cuisines from around the world, Roger Mooking, host of Everyday Exotic, shares his delicious adventures and notes from across the globe. We'll be rolling them out every Wednesday, so be sure to check back to find out where Roger's food adventures takes him to next.

This redsnapper was the size of my whole arm, from shoulder to fingertips and the meat was sweet and juicy! 

The fish you see above has been deboned and gutted from the back. The belly is still intact, but it's ready for stuffing. In Trinidad, most fish dishes are marinated overnight in a green chutney-like marinade with pimento (a special Trinidadian pepper), green onions, garlic and onion. After it's marinated, the fish can be stuffed and fried, roasted, or grilled. This fish actually ended up being cut up for the collar and the filet.  

I prepared this snapper by grilling the collar and making a sweet soy-garlic glaze. The filet ended up tossed in flour and fried. We even took the fins and dredged them in cornstarch and fried them to create a crispy treat similar to potato chips-minus the potato. Some experiments can go very right, everyone loved it.  Yummy!

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Roger Mooking's Food Adventures


Posted: Wed, Aug 03 2011 by Guest Blogger

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