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Roger Mooking's Food Adventure's: Fresh Corn Tortillas in East LA, California


Posted by : Guest Blogger, Wed, Jul 06 2011

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To help us get inspired to try new cuisines from around the world, Roger Mooking, host of Everyday Exotic, shares his delicious adventures and notes from across the globe. We'll be rolling them out every Wednesday, so be sure to check back to find out where Roger's food adventures takes him to next.

This week, I'm with my boy, Aaron Sanchez (from Chef vs City) as we roam around East LA seeking out hot and spicy food. In our travels, we stumbled upon a Mexican food market with all kinds of groceries, pastries, breads and produce. The real gem of the market was in the back where they make corn tortillas from scratch. I'm not just talking about making the dough, but making the masa flour (corn flour) from the ground up.

Above: Aaron and Roger, corn soaking in water

It all begins by soaking dried corn in water so it rehydrates and puffs up. Then the hydrated kernels are drained and ground up before being added to lard and beaten in a mixer to make the dough for the tortillas. During their busiest season, this vendor makes one hundred and thirty, 50lb bags of dried corn each day--that's a lot of tortillas! The dough is then formed into a ball and pressed in a tortilla press before being cooked on a flat top griddle to make the most delicious tortillas we've ever tasted. 

Above: corn flour, tortilla dough

It's definitely going to be very hard eating anything less than fresh tortillas from here on in. Have you ever had fresh corn tortillas made from scratch?

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Roger Mooking's Food Adventures


Posted: Wed, Jul 06 2011 by Guest Blogger

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