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Roger Mooking's Food Adventures: Puhloori in Trinidad


Posted by : Guest Blogger, Wed, Jul 27 2011

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To help us get inspired to try new cuisines from around the world, Roger Mooking, host of Everyday Exotic, shares his delicious adventures and notes from across the globe. We'll be rolling them out every Wednesday, so be sure to check back to find out where Roger's food adventures takes him to next.

My aunt runs a catering company in Trinidad and her kitchen is like a hotel kitchen. Every morning, the crew comes in around three o'clock and starts preparing the food for the day. Her claim to fame is, all the food served is cooked that day, no day-old dishes here.  

One of the famous Trini dishes that she makes so well is called Puhloori.  It is a fried dough served with tamarind sauce and a spicy pepper sauce. These treats just melt in your mouth and it's impossible to just have one. Although they are fried, they're still delicate and pillowy.  When you come to Trinidad you've got to try it!


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Roger Mooking's Food Adventures


Posted: Wed, Jul 27 2011 by Guest Blogger

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