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Roger Mooking's Food Adventures: Khmer Food in the Cambodian Marketplace


Posted by : Guest Blogger, Wed, Jun 08 2011

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The official start of summer is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time of the year to get away and experience new cultures and cuisines. To help us get inspired, Roger Mooking, host of Everyday Exotic, shares his delicious adventures and notes from across the globe. We'll be rolling them out every Wednesday starting today, over the course of several weeks. Here's the first one--enjoy!

The first city we landed in was Phnom Penh in Cambodia. My first mission was to go and find some Khmer food after taking in the vibe of the city. Our tuk-tuk driver took us to one of the local markets. Around the outer perimeter of the market were stalls selling t-shirts, bracelets, fabrics and tourist knick-knacks. However, deep in the middle of the market there was a gem of a "food court," if I could call it that.  

There were about thirty different stalls, all setup with different Khmer dishes, local produce, butchers, fishmongers, and random people sleeping under tables trying to avoid the afternoon's heat. The butchers  all carried a lot of pork and dried meats along with sausages. I'd be lying if I told you it smelled like a perfume counter with all the unrefrigerated raw meat hanging from hooks, but the butcher shop smell didn't stop my crew and me from sampling some of the delightful delicacies before us! We tried all kinds of skewers, sausages, salted mangoes and shrimp pancakes. We were warned by some peeps not to eat the local street food because it would likely make us sick. Well, I didn't end up getting sick from the marketplace food (the street food was always on point), but many days later when I ordered the hotel room service... let's just say the trip home wasn't fun.

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Roger Mooking's Food Adventures


Posted: Wed, Jun 08 2011 by Guest Blogger

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