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Roger Mooking's Food Adventures: Battambang, Cambodia


Posted by : Guest Blogger, Wed, Jun 15 2011

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To help us get inspired to try new cuisines from around the world, Roger Mooking, host of Everyday Exotic, shares his delicious adventures and notes from across the globe. We'll be rolling them out every Wednesday, so be sure to check back to find out where Roger's food adventures takes him to next.

The second city we hit in Cambodia was Battambang, which is a rural city that is somewhat of a tourist retreat. It's a little bit out there, but once you get there it's loaded with all kinds of tasty discoveries. 

This was the first place we had a chance to sit down and enjoy a wide variety of Khmer dishes. Our local aficionado ordered for us and this restaurant was filled with locals, which is always a good sign. As we sat down, about twenty different dishes hit the table with all kinds of amazing flavours. Fish, pork, beef, eggplant, chicken, soups, rice and loads of veggies loaded the table. All of the dishes were fresh and vibrant and made with plenty of spices and herbs. 

Everything is eaten with rice and some type of broth to wet the rice and compliment all the dishes along with an array of local herbs. So many good food memories from Cambodia began starting with this meal in Battambang.

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Roger Mooking's Food Adventures


Posted: Wed, Jun 15 2011 by Guest Blogger

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