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The Bourbon and Chamomile Julep Inspired by the Nominated Film, The Help


Posted by : Food Network Canada, Tue, Feb 21 2012

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Movie week continues and today we bring you the "Bourbon and Chamomile Julep" a nod to the movie, The Help, set in 1960s Mississippi during the civil rights movement. 


Bourbon is an American whiskey and is used in one of The South's most famous cocktails, The Mint Julep. If you loved The Help (or the book it's based on) then put on your best southern accent and retire to the parlour while you watch the Oscar ceremonies unfold this weekend.

Bourbon and Chamomoile Julep Cocktail 


The "Bourbon and Chamomile Julep" inspired by the nominated film, The Help  

2oz bourbon
1.5oz chamomile syrup
.25oz green Chartreuse

In shaker tin, place all ingredients, and stir, in separate cup (preferably made of pewter) fill with crushed ice, next strain all components over crushed ice, garnish with a generous portion of fresh mint.


 Bourbon and Chamomoile Julep Cocktail Collage

For more great Oscar coverage, visit the Awards Night site now. 


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