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April's Crunchy Cooking Club Challenge


Posted by : Valerie Outmezguine, Thu, Mar 29 2012

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Close your eyes, no I’m not teasing! Now imagine biting down on something delicious. A dab of spice, a punch of flavour, and a delightful crunch that’ll leave you craving more, now that’s something I want to indulge in. How about you?

We’ve got 3 perfect bites and dips that will make you a hit. Whether you’re with loved ones watching a little Food Network Canada together, or hosting a gathering with friends, these are the perfect munchies. So the real question is, which do you want to make? 

Mozzarella Boulettes

Mozzarella Boulettes 
Sloppy Salsa Joes 

Posted: Thu, Mar 29 2012 by Valerie Outmezguine

Get to know:Valerie Outmezguine

Hi all, I'm the Community Producer of foodnetwork.ca. If you ever have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to shoot them my way. I'm happy to help! A bit about me, I love baking and hate cooking, which is why I've started the vlog Starting from Scratch (left nav.) You see, this is my attempt to learn how to cook and enjoy the fruit of my labour while sharing it with all of you! Hope you enjoy it and if you ever have any pointers, let me in on them!

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