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April's Appetizing Cooking Club Results


Posted by : Valerie Outmezguine, Tue, May 01 2012

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It started off slowly, but it came full circle! Mozzarella Boulettes are a great appetizer to enjoy as a snack for one or two, or an entire dinner party. Easy to prepare and most definitely easy to eat, these are a great little snack. 

Thank you to everyone who participated, and a big congratulations to Gabriele on winning this month's CCC. 


Chef Gabriele: "I used ground turkey meat instead of the beef. I also incorporated grated parmesan and Romano cheese into the meat and topped it with Mozzarella. You can't just eat one!"  

Darlene D. 

Chef Darlene D: "This is soooo easy and great quick appetizer dish. I'm big on presentation, so I added some spinach and sprinkled some parmesan cheese around. People I showed it too, smiled and reached for one without hesitation." 

Katherine S. 

Chef Katherine S: "I think that the biggest challenge with this one was that there weren't really specific instructions - like how big to make the cheese cubes and meatballs. Mine sort of overtook the scoops! I added in shallots, Italian parsley and some ground chipotles for a little extra kick. We also tried them with salsa, sundried tomato pesto and basil pesto - the ones with the basil pesto were the winning combo!"

Laurel L. 

Chef Laurel L: "My son and I love Multigrain Tostitos. When I saw they came in Scoops I decided to give this recipe a whirl. What a great nibbily! The mixture of the cheeses, Guacamole and salsa gives it a flavourful zing.  Easy to make, easy to serve. Ole!"

Maria K. 

Chef Maria K: "I loved the simplicity of this elegant appetizer. I made my healthy meatballs with extra lean ground turkey, parsley leaves, and cheddar cheese inside of a Tostitos Scoops multigrain tortilla chip and topped with Tostitos Salsa. Usually I don't make appetizers for only two but this recipe made it easy to do. I'll be making this again and the variations are endless."

Maxine L. 

Chef Maxine L: "This recipe was delicious. What a great idea for appetizers to bring at a party. I did add bacon to the meat... Cause who doesn't like bacon?! And I used homemade salsa. Yum!"

Rebecca M. 

Chef Rebecca M: "Being a vegetarian I still wanted to participate but decided to put my own spin on this recipe. I used veggie ground round, cheddar cheese, and my grandmother’s fresh salsa! It was the perfect appetizer: Quick, tasty, and petite."

Vicky B. 

Chef Vicky B: "The Mozzarella Boulettes were very tasty, but I had to tweak the recipe a lot. Meatballs need flavor and seasoning, and mozzarella doesn’t suit the Mexican nature of the chips and salsa as well as say, a Monterey Jack. This recipe was really short on details and needed much better instructions. On the one hand this is really useful for those like me who love freestyling it, for the less experienced cook though I could see it being a bit frustrating. Still, it was a great and tasty idea!"

Val O. 

Chef Val O: "These were easy to prepare, a great bite sized snack and something I'd make again. I think I might season the meat next time to enhance the flavour, overall though it's good stuff!"


Posted: Tue, May 01 2012 by Valerie Outmezguine

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