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Cheese Blintzes from Eat Live Travel Write


Posted by : Mardi Michels, Wed, May 30 2012

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Adell Shneer is amazing. Not only does she have the patience to cook with little boys using only rudimentary equipment in a science lab but she does it all with good humour and a smile on her face. This is her third visit with Les Petits Chefs (you can read about her first visit here and her second visit here) and only a couple of weeks ago, she helped me with my huge “Pass it on” cooking class for Food Revolution Day).




This time around, Adell wanted to give the boys a little taste of her Jewish heritage by showing them how to make Cheese Blintzes. Quite serendipitously, it also happened to be Shavuot where dairy is eaten (you can read one version of why dairy is eaten on Shavuot here). Blintzes are basically a thin pancake, in this case filled with pressed dry cottage cheese mixed with egg yolks and sugar. After filling and rolling the blintzes, you fry them to cook the cheese/ egg yolks. Traditionally served with applesauce, we served ours with blueberry jam and Greek yogurt.


We were missing seven Petits Chefs off on a field trip, so the remaining boys worked collectively to make the pancake batter and filling. On a day when it was super hot and muggy in a room with no air conditioning, this was a great choice!



 Adell showing the boys how to crack eggs! 



 Adell helps the boys separate the egg yolks from the whites 



 Crêpes à go-go! 



 Making the filling for cheese blintzes 



Adell shows the boys how to fill and roll the blintzes 



 Frying up blintz-y goodness! 


To be honest, I had never had a blintz ever in my life (and didn’t get one on Monday!) but with the leftover ingredients, I plan to make these very, very soon (as in, on the weekend!). So easy, so tasty, and so much fun!


Thanks, Adell, for bearing with over-excited little boys in the heat! We can’t wait for you to come back in the Fall!


You can find the recipe for the United Bakers Cheese Blintzes here.


Mardi_Michels Mardi Michels is a full-time French teacher and part-time food blogger based in Toronto. Her blog, eat.live.travel.write, focuses on culinary adventures both near and far because she travels as often as she can! 

Posted: by Mardi Michels

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