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Back and Forth: Chatting With Our Twitter Followers - Week 6


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Tue, Nov 20 2012

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It's that time of the week again - Back and Forth - where we share some of the conversations we've been having with our followers on Twitter lately. Tweet us @FoodNetworkCA to let us know if your tweets made our post!

First we asked you to pick your all-time favourite food and tell us why you love it in three words. Who knew some of the responses would be so creative? Check them out below.

@WoNDaughter - Cherry Cheese Cake. Sweet creamy crunch....Mmmmmm

@halafae123  - My mom's homemade mac and cheese. Why? Ooey-gooey, comfort and love! :)
@tammy_troubleJA - "Jerk Pork" Finger Lickin' Good!
@jserroul - Lobster: saline, succulent, sweet.
@DebraVolkmann - Sandwiches! Why? Bread+Anything=Delicious!

@spudbrotherz - #POUTINE. Three words-Delicious, Hot, Canadian
@Organic_Kate -Vegan cupcakes: cruelty-free goodness!
@bakespace - Ganache-filled chocolate cupcakes. That's still three words right?
@lochnesslove - 1. Mac 2. and 3. Cheese!!!
@burnthewood - Risotto! Comforting, classic and creamy. #omnomnom

@RicoSlims - Cassoulet = Fancy French beans!
@Sweet_T_Cakes - Homemade cupcakes - baked with love!
@letspatch - MINT! 1:Endless-possibilties 2:Flavourful. 3:Home-grown...may have hyphenated a few words to comply with your rules ;)
@Jodster99 - Three Words: Deep Dish Pizza. 'Nuff said.


Next, we wanted to know about your strangest midnight snacks. These responses had us LOL-ing at our desks!


@RKOs_QueenV - I absolutely LOVE vanilla ice cream & salt-n-vinegar chips together. Use the ice cream as a dip, delicious! #YummyInMyTummy
@miVi3k - Baguette w/ bacon & onion jam (it was imperative that I have the baguette so I went to the 24hr Sobey’s nearby to get some)
@Yasibear - Mixed chocolate and vanilla ice cream with bacon bites and pickles!!!!! (I was pregnant!!!)
@ehkkoheh - Mashed potatoes sandwich=mashed potatoes, pineapple, corn niblets, sliced thin chicken breast. Sooo good
@Missjen325 - I love Nutella and popcorn together

@swnp2 - Sustainably harvested Octopus tentacles marinated in Maple Syrup & smoked 
@amyhali - Sundried tomatoes straight out of the jar. Chicharrones. Rice crackers and babybel cheese. Not necessarily in that order.
@wendywashere - Ha! Last week I had garlic naan with hot curry paste spread on it. At 3am!

As always, tweet us @FoodNetworkCA if you have any food-related questions or if you want to join the discussion!



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