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Posted by : Joanna Gryfe, Fri, Feb 22 2013

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Lights! Camera! Action!

This year's Oscar nominations for Best Motion Picture take the audience from the Middle East to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and from Mississippi to France. If you're hosting a viewing party, we've got a world of dishes to perfectly complement whichever flick you're rooting for! 




A delicious combination of nuts, sugar and spices conspire beneath a crispy phyllo cover in Anna Olson's take on an Iranian classic, Cashew Baklava.


This dish will have your heart "beeting" with true amour! Beet Hearts with Chèvre is a light recipe and great way to add some whimsy to your Oscar night.

Beasts of the Southern Wild  

In honour of the film's lead character, Hushpuppy, we're cooking up our version of the corn-based Southern specialty of the same name! Try these Corn Fitters with Scallion Aioli, an award-worthy take on the deep South.
Django Unchained  

For the southern backdrop of this flick, we’ve fished out a staple Mississippi ingredient! Go the extra mile and use a German brew for the Dark Ale-Battered Catfish to mirror the film's dark (and nominated!) character. 

Les Misérables  

We feel like this cast could use some serious comfort food -- our favourite French Canadian "happy dish" topped with, what we've lovingly dubbed, “Les Miser-balls” should do the trick. Meatball Poutine will have you singing!

Life of Pi   

This Indian Shepherd’s Pie  is such a perfect fit for the flick. With this kind of grub, we'd happily live a life of pie!

Silver Linings Playbook  

Take a play from our Dining Playbook with this Lamb Chops with Feta Sauce recipe - an easy and elegant dish worthy of your finest silver!

Zero Dark Thirty
Zero time to make. Dark chocolate galore. Enough to last you through 30 awards! Dark Chocolate Popcorn is the perfect snack for any Oscar viewing party.






Posted: by Joanna Gryfe
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