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Top 13 Mood-Boosting Recipes


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Tue, Dec 10 2013

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winter blues recipes

13 Recipes to Cure Your Winter Blues 


If you're feeling the effects of the season starting to creep in, combat wintertime blues with these feel-good foods that will boost your energy and lift your spirits. (Seriously, science says!).


Sunny-Side Up Eggs 

Actually, any kind of eggs will do the trick, but why not make them match your sunny mood? Eggs contain Zinc, Vitamin B and protein, which all lead to one thing: energy.

Open-Faced Eggs Florentine Recipe 

Sunny-Side Up Omelet Recipe 

Turkey Meatloaf Sandwich Recipe


This earthy herb is full of caffeic acid, quercetin and rosmarinic acid, which are all proven to help combat depression and calm you down. Deep breaths and oregano all winter long!

Roast Garlic Oregano Butter Recipe 

Oregano-Crusted Lamb Recipe 


Dark Chocolate  

This one comes as no surprise. You've probably heard that dark chocolate is great for improving blood-flow to the brain, helping to boost concentration and mood. Go ahead and indulge without the guilt!

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunches Recipe 

Anna Olson's Dark Chocolate Truffles Recipe 

Dark Chocolate Mousse Recipe 



Honey, I'm home! Swap sugar for honey this winter in order to keep your brain healthy and your blood sugar levels at bay.

Baked Figs with Honey and Yogurt Recipe 

Honey-Roasted Carrots Recipe 

Honey-Yogurt Dip Recipe 



Go coco-nuts for the tropical fruit this winter. They contain triglycerides, which are fats that put you in a better mood and improve the health of your brain.

Coconut Ice Cream Recipe 

Cucumber Salad with Fresh Coconut Recipe 





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