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Food Horoscopes: Week of January 6th


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Mon, Jan 06 2014

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Happy Monday, foodies! If you're like us, you love to start off your week with a quick peek at your horoscope to see what the stars have in store for you. Well, we've taken what some top astrologers have said and chosen the perfect recipes to suit your zodiac sign this week. Enjoy!

zodiac food 

Aries: This week, you're feeling practical, level-headed and enthusiastic about starting 2014 in a healthy way. Our suggestion: Warm Spinach Salad with Quinoa Recipe 

Taurus: You social butterfly, you! This week, you're communicative, optimistic and super social. Invite some friends over for a fun potluck. Our suggestion: Smokey Mac and Cheese 

Gemini: Feeling nurturing and maternal this week, Gemini? You want to take care of the people around you and that includes cooking warm, hearty meals for them. Our suggestion: Soul-Soothing Chicken Soup Recipe  

Cancer: Dear Cancer, why so nervous? You want to try new things but you're not one for branching out. Change that and take some risks this week! Our suggestion: Exotic Fruit Salad Recipe 

Leo: As per usual, you're full of energy and are feeling hot-headed and stubborn this week. Calm your nerves with something warm and delicious. Our suggestion: Soothing Yam Soup Recipe 

Virgo: New year, new you? Whether you feel a sense of urgency to commit to a relationship, or find a new job, you're feeling the pressure, Virgo. Be bold and give yourself the push you need. Our suggestion: Mussels with Spicy Vodka Tomato Sauce Recipe 

Libra: You've been working hard lately. In fact, you're probably exhausted after all your hosting duties this holiday season. It's time to unwind and treat yourself. Our suggestion: Brownie Sundae Explosion Recipe 

Scorpio: Many of you are in the midst of a complex dilemma that's causing you some headaches. But being the tough and focused sign you are, you're determined to get to the bottom of it by staying alert and open-minded. Our suggestion: Light Frappuccino Recipe 

Sagittarius: Take a deep breath, Sagittarius. You're on edge this week and your fiery and explosive temper may get you in trouble. Relax and count to ten before you say something you'll regret. Our suggestion: Green Iced Tea Recipe 

Capricorn: More than any other sign, you crave your alone time. You're feeling a bit frazzled after the chaos of the holidays and you need space to recharge. Our suggestion: Individual Coconut Cream Pies Recipe 

Aquarius: Being the creative, problem-solving sign that you are, people have relied on you for advice lately. Make sure you don't burn out and neglect yourself! Our suggestion: Lentil Salad with Fruits, Nuts and Cheese Recipe  

Pisces: As the most emotional sign of the zodiac, you rarely feel light-hearted and social, but this week is one of those rare times! Let loose and have some fun, Pisces. Our suggestion: Weeknight Pineapple, Chicken and Bacon Pizza Recipe 




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