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Food Horoscopes: Week of January 13th


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Mon, Jan 13 2014

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Another week, another horoscope reading! We've taken what some top astrologers have said and chosen the perfect recipes to suit your zodiac sign this week. It's important to note that on Wednesday night, we'll see a full moon in Cancer, which means emotions will run high at this time. Keeping a box of tissues handy might not be the worst idea.

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Aries: You're everyone's favourite hothead, and this week, you're more than ready to step into that role. While you often try to hold back and control your temper, this is not one of those times. You're on edge and about to explode. Before you do, however, we suggest grabbing some foods loaded with blueberries, which are chock-full of stress-relieving antioxidants. Recipe: Ricardo's Blueberry Pie.

Taurus: As usual, you're focused on your career and are making great headway when it comes to achieving your goals. Your personal life, however, seems to be suffering. The key word here is seems, because these issues are only apparent to you. Stop focusing on the minor details and allow yourself to see the bigger picture, which is actually pretty great. Indulge in joy, which also happens to come in the form of Double Vanilla Cake with Dark Chocolate Frosting.

Gemini: You're feeling restless, and for some reason, are taking it out on your bank account. Try to avoid impulse buys, because a big break is coming your way and you'll need the extra cash to make your dreams a reality. You know what that means: less takeout, more home-cooking. Our suggestion: Trish Magwood's Butter Chicken.

Cancer: Dearest fragile Cancer, we're sorry to say that the full moon on Wednesday is going to have the biggest effect on you. Believe it or not, you're going to be more emotional than usual (yes, it's possible). Your love life is going to get rocky, full of big fights and even bigger reconciliations. Relish these intense times, because they'll end up being great memories one day. Our recipe suggestion is this Dark Chocolate Popcorn, because sometimes you just have to grab some popcorn and watch the drama unfold.

Leo: You're tempted to throw caution to the wind and take a huge risk. Who can blame you? You've been feeling especially stifled lately. However, this isn't a great week to make huge decisions, so hold off for now. Instead, go out and socialize to release some of that pent-up energy. Recipe suggestion: Dirty Martini

Virgo: Due to the full moon, you're feeling a lack on control in your life. As the most grounded and rational sign, this is a huge source of stress for you. It's okay to put things in the hands of those you trust; they won't let you down. Relax and stop planning, Virgo. Unwind with a refreshing Gin and Tonic with Cucumbers and Lemongrass.

Libra: Things aren't going the way you wanted, are they, Libra? You didn't expect things to turn out this way after all of the effort you put in to steer them in the direction of your choice. Lighten up; they're headed in an even better direction. Just because you can't see it yet doesn't mean it's not happening. Get your mind off the minute details and host a wine and cheese night with your closest friends. Recipe: Light Cheese Spread and Toppings.

Scorpio: You're under a ton of pressure this week. It seems like everyone is confiding in you and seeking your expert advice, and it's starting to weigh down on you. If you push through, Scorpio, you'll really be helping the people who mean the most to you. All you need is a big pot of Chai Coffee to keep you going. Your loved ones will be eternally grateful.

Sagittarius: You're making an effort to reconnect with former friends, but sadly, doing so reminds you why you left them in the past. For now, focus on the present and show your current friends that you're grateful for them. A great way to do so is to host a fun taco night. Recipe suggestion: Restaurant-Style Taco Salad.

Capricorn: A feeling of discomfort and unease has caught you off guard, and the full moon isn't helping your insecurities. It's hard to see now, but these issues are in your head, so there's no need to be nervous. Take some time to reflect and eventually, you'll see that there's nothing to worry about. We suggest a big pot of soothing Chinese Green Tea to calm your nerves.

Aquarius: Being the creative sign that you are, you often find it hard to say no to different projects and commitments. However, you may have overdone it lately and are fighting to stay alert and focused. Push through your current commitments and then take a break. You've earned it, just like you've earned this delicious Quick Mac n' Cheese.

Pisces: With the full moon in your love sector, things are about to get hot and heavy. Your feelings are going to be intense and quite frankly, pretty overwhelming, but that's the way love goes, right? Embrace this beautiful time in your life with a romantic dessert for you and your love. We suggest this Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake Recipe.




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