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Skinny Dipping: Top 15 Healthy Dips


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Wed, Jan 29 2014

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healthy dips  


The Super Bowl is just around the corner, but if the thought of fatty, cheese-filled dips ruining your diet is stressing you out, we're here to save the day. Cheering on your favourite team doesn't have to come with a side of nachos. Instead, serve these irresistible and healthy alternatives; your guests - and their waistlines - will thank you!


1. Classic Hummus Recipe 

2. Healthy and Tasty Sweet Potato Dip Recipe 

3. Cilantro Dip Recipe 

4. Middle Eastern Bean Dip Recipe 

5. Ginger Almond Eggplant Dip Recipe 

6. Dried Tomato Hummus Recipe 

7. Spinach and Yoghurt Dip Recipe 

8. Roasted Carrot Chip Dip Recipe 

9. Janet and Greta's Hearty-Choke Dip Recipe 

10. Pumpkin Seed Dip Recipe 

11. Quick and Nutritious Spinach Dip Recipe 

12. Avocado Dip Recipe 

13. Garden Gazpacho Dip Recipe 

14. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Recipe 

15. Macho Nacho Dip Recipe





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