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The Gin Blossom Cocktail Inspired by the Nominated Film, The Iron Lady


Posted by : Food Network Canada, Wed, Feb 22 2012

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We're bringing you another great movie-inspired cocktail, this time based on the Meryl Streep film, The Iron Lady. In the flick, the esteemed actress portrays former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. 


 Gin Blossom Cocktail 


This cocktail features one of those stalworths of British drinks, dry gin. Now, there isn't anything wrong with a good old fashioned Gin and Tonic (or G and T as it's also known) but our cocktail brings in some French vermouth and the delicate flavour of elderflower. Finish the whole thing off with a bit of "zest" and flair by lighting an orange peel over the cocktail to release just a touch of citrus oil. Bloody good!


The "Gin Blossom" cocktail inspired by the nominated film, The Iron Lady  

1.25oz London dry gin
.75oz Lillet Blanc
.5oz St Germain Elderflower liqueur

First add ice and water to chill classic champagne coup, next add all components into shaker tin, add ice and stir to chill.  Discard ice and water in glass, garnish glass with two “spritz” of orange blossom water, next strain contents of shaker tin into chilled glass, garnish with flamed orange zest.

Gin Blossom Cocktail Collage 

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