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Anna Olson on Beautiful Bake Off 2 Results


Posted by : Anna Olson, Thu, Aug 16 2012

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To everyone who got into the summer groove with this month’s Bake Off: Snickerdoodle Cookies and Berries Jubilee. I can tell you were feeling that relaxed sense of summer cooking – easy, low-key but having a delicious end-result is key!  Your photos were great and I do love the stories, whether about the occasion for making the recipe (even the shot of the cookie “on the road”) as well as the adaptations.


Thanks for submitting your entry and I look forward to more stories and photos for the next Bake Off, right around the corner.  I’m still feeling summer, with a casual, rustic theme (thoughts of a farmhouse porch, with a slow-moving fan and iced tea come to mind when I think of the next recipe).  Enjoy every last drop of summer!




To the winner of the KitchenAid mixer, Larissa Costella:
Congratulations Larissa, on winning this month’s Bake Off!  Your photos were great, and I thought the occasion for making these recipes was perfect  I particularly liked that you made jarred gifts of the jubilee (and the chocolate sauce – mmm, they’d be nice served together).

To the winner of the cookbook, Marisa Rapini:
I’m thrilled that you shared a shot of you and your 2 kids in the kitchen, all baking together.  I know you’ll enjoy continuing this tradition with a new cookbook to add to your collection, but what’s most important is that I know your kids will treasure these memories but also grow into independent and capable cooks on their own, since you’ve given them the tools.


PS I am en vacance right now – in the Languedoc region of France, rented a little apartment– just got home from the market in Anduze and made a simple but awesome pasta with the most interesting olive tapenade I’ve ever had – the artisanal olive grower ground black olives with a little sundried tomato, lemon but also raspberries!  You better believe I’m going to try and replicate that when I get home! 


Anna_OlsonProfessionally trained pastry chef Anna Olson is the host of Food Network's Bake with Anna Olson. Anna’s culinary philosophy is based on a common-sense approach of cooking and baking with the seasons, as well as respecting the ingredients, the technique and the process of sharing with others through food. Most of all, cooking and baking should be fun!


Posted: by Anna Olson
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