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Baking Club Challenge Winning Results, Thanks Anna!


Posted by : Valerie Outmezguine, Mon, May 07 2012

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Anna Olson

As you may recall in the results post featuring everyone's Flourless Chocolate Orange Cakes and Baked Apple Almond Cakes, I mentioned how I contacted Madame Baker, Anna Olson to choose a winner. Well she came through and this is what she had to say:

"I am honoured and humbled to see so many lovely creations of my dessert recipes. I offer a congratulations to you all, for your thoughtful comments and keen eye for food styling and photography. All of the shots were so mouth-watering! I particularly appreciate the confidence you have all shown in getting creative with the two featured recipes by putting your own spin on them, whether within the recipe itself or in the plating and presentation. I know I have all of your support in saying that baking is not so rigid and inflexible – there’s tons of room for creative expression and we all learn something each time we bake, even if it’s a favourite item you’ve been baking for years.

Thank you for sharing, and I’m happy to see that my baking can inspire you, but also remember that it is seeing your lovely desserts that actually inspires me to challenge myself and do more. Let’s keep on baking!

Congratulations Chef Pianella – your Apple Almond Cakes look absolutely scrumptious, and I love the photo – great lighting and a nice, simple presentation that highlights the dish in a proportionate and flattering manner. I’m glad you shared that you were able to make these using another apple variety with great success. I know that you’ll be up for the taking on any level of baking from my latest book which is part of your prize. Just from your photo I pick up that you take great pride in what you are able to make, and that in the true spirit of baking, you appreciate that it is about the journey and process, not just the end result. All the best to you!"

Pianella L. 

Chef Pianella L: "I really love this recipe. It was quick and easy to make. Mutsu apples weren't available so I used Gala instead. The sweet taste of the apples and the nuttiness of the almonds go together. My family really loved it! I plan on making it again for a buffet party that I'm hosting for 20 people this summer. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!"


Posted: Mon, May 07 2012 by Valerie Outmezguine
Filed under: Community, Baking, anna olson

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Hi all, I'm the Community Producer of foodnetwork.ca. If you ever have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to shoot them my way. I'm happy to help! A bit about me, I love baking and hate cooking, which is why I've started the vlog Starting from Scratch (left nav.) You see, this is my attempt to learn how to cook and enjoy the fruit of my labour while sharing it with all of you! Hope you enjoy it and if you ever have any pointers, let me in on them!

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