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Cooking Club Challenge: July's Scrumptious Results


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Wed, Aug 01 2012

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Another month has come and gone, which can only mean that July's Cooking Club Challenge winner must be announced. Last month, our readers made Anna Olson's yummy and healthy Vegetable Salad Rolls and they were a hit!

Congratulations to Chef Sandy T. for winning July's challenge! Thanks to everyone who participated!



Chef Sandy T: These Summer Salad Rolls were a big hit with my family. A refreshing starter, particularly during these warm summer months. I opted to pack in more veggies in lieu of the rice noodles. The mint and cilantro is a wonderful taste combination. I added some poached shrimp, sliced in half lengthwise, for some additional texture and flavor.



Chef Katherine S: Loved the salad rolls for this month's challenge! I'm actually wondering why I haven't made them before now, although it did take a while to assemble them - and I did make a fairly decent mess in the kitchen in the process. I added some shrimp to a few of them, and replaced the cabbage with cucumber. Next time I'd like to try adding some mango to the mix as well. And the cashew sauce was awesome - I'm pretty sure we'll be using that for a whole lot of purposes in the future! Great recipe!



Chef Ilan K: I wanted to make a quick meal so instead of using all the herbs I just used basil for something simpler. Also, instead of shredding all the vegetables I put them in a chopper. I did make home-made cashew butter though by blending the cashews in a food processor. I also replaced the sugar in the sauce with honey. It was a great recipe.



Chef Danielle G: Since I prefer peanuts to cashews, I swapped the cashew butter for peanut butter and used chopped peanuts instead of chopped cashews.  I added some roasted chicken in the roll that was leftover from the night before, as well as some red pepper.  The rolls tasted really good. They were very filling, but light at the same time.  The best part for me was the peanut dipping sauce.  This is hands-down the best peanut sauce I have ever had.  This recipe is definitely a keeper!



Chef Darryl J: This is the reason I do the CCC. I love to try things I wouldn't ordinarily go for, and this month was a prime example. I really loved how easy these were to make and the convenience of being able to prep them the night before. We're a nut free house so we substituted roasted soy nuts and soy nut butter for the cashew products.




Posted: by Souzan Michael

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