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Cooking Club Challenge: August's Mouth-Watering Results


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Tue, Sep 04 2012

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Last month, we wanted to pay tribute to the late Chef Anthony Sedlak by allowing readers to choose from three of his most popular recipes to create for August's Cooking Club Challenge. Anthony's Tangy Short Ribs with Coleslaw and Twice-Baked Potatoes came out on top, and now we've got the results. Thanks to everyone who participated!


Congratulations to Chef Sarah R. for winning August's challenge!



Chef Sarah R: "This meal was amazing. I've never cooked with short ribs before, but I found them easy and delicious. I especially loved the tangy glaze that covered them and I have plans cooked up for using the glaze in future meals. I thought that Anthony would love my addition of blue cheese to his Twice Baked Potatoes so I used half mozzarella and half blue cheese in them, gently folding the blue cheese in at the end. I also added some fresh apple matchsticks to the coleslaw to play off the apple cider vinegar. I think Anthony would have approved of this addition too. This meal is going to become the star of my next dinner party, thanks for the introduction!"



Chef Danielle G: "I really liked this group of recipes, my favourite being the coleslaw.  Instead of short ribs I used baby back ribs.  I added an extra hour to the cooking time.  The ribs tasted great and were very tender. The potatoes were cheesy and full of flavour.  For the coleslaw, I used fennel seed instead of caraway seeds and 1 tbsp of dijon in place of mustard powder.  I really liked the crunch that the coleslaw added to the meal. I had a great time participating in this month's challenge."



Chef Darryl J: "I was really excited about this challenge. It looked and sounded fantastic. While twice baked potato and coleslaw are pretty run common, beef short ribs aren't nearly a regular occurance, at least for me. I'd admit I don't care for the caraway seed addition to the coleslaw, but the flavor on the ribs were fantastic!" 



Chef Sandy T: "What a great way to pay tribute to Anthony Sedlak! A real loss to the Food Network family. I very much enjoyed The Main and more recently, Family Cook Off.  This recipe is absolutely wonderful. The ribs came out tender and moist. I added a cinnamon stick to the braising liquid for a bit more spice. Also added some crunchy radish to the slaw. Opted for celery seed instead of the caraway seeds. The potatoes were a big hit with my family. Will definitely be making this again."



Chef Beatrice T: "I am glad that Anthony's legacy lives on in people cooking his recipes and making new memories. For example, by participating in August’s CCC, I made a full dinner for my family for the first time! These short ribs and tangy sauce were dee-licious with a good hit of pepper. My family liked the coleslaw which was also tangy, but played off the ribs well. My family enjoyed the dinner and I was happy to make it for them."



Chef Katherine S: "Thanks for the Anthony Sedlak tribute this month - such a nice way to remember him. This was a pretty good challenge as well, with loads of different pieces to make up. I have to say, my glaze was a little more jus-like, but still very yummy. My tasting panel has informed me that it was one of the best parts, along with the coleslaw - which also gave me a chance to pull out my rarely used mandoline. I added some cilantro and red onion which went over well. I loved the potatoes and added probably twice as much cheese as it called for (next time I may also add in some roasted garlic). RIP Anthony - you will be missed."



Posted: by Souzan Michael

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