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Deacon's Corner, Vancouver


Posted by : foodnetworkcanada, Fri, Apr 03 2009

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I'm pretty excited about a new breakfast/lunch diner in our neighbourhood. Deacon's Corner opened up in January and sits at the corner of Main and Alexander (101 Main Street, Vancouver, BC). It's run by the same guys who own Cobre and the food is fresh, made from scratch and definitely styled after American greasy spoons. This is comfort food and it's pretty much the answer to my Vancouver breakfast dreams. 

Deacon's serves typical diner staples like biscuits and gravy, chicken fried steak plus they have a full lunch menu with club sandwiches, fried chicken and even a house-made hot dog. But for me, it's breakfast all the way.

On our first visit back on January 2nd, we walked by and noticed that they had just opened. It was apparently a "soft launch" before the grand opening, so we got to see what it was all about, kinks and all. The space is open and bright with a selection of booths, tables and a lunch counter. The décor is simple, the menu is affordable and the servings are generous. I ordered the Mexican Scramble ($8.50), which had just the right amount of spice and it was topped with a really great fresh salsa. My husband ordered off the lunch menu, and ordered the Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs ($10.25), but he found the whole dish was way too salty. Even the shredded fried potato hash browns that came with my scramble was over-salted. However, I was still impressed, and with the good drip coffee and the friendly service, I knew we'd be back.

Since our first visit, we've gone back several times and it's clear that Deacon's Corner is a wonderful addition to Vancouver's breakfast scene. Their biscuits are light and flakey and it's nice not to have to drive to Seattle or Portland to get a decent order of biscuits and gravy. Their homemade sausage patties are flavourful and not too greasy. As well, they've really reigned in the salt from our first visit because their shredded potatoes are pretty much perfect. And oh, did I forget to mention the pancakes? Not the mile-high fluffy from-a-mix kind that most diners serve… these pancakes are of the homemade variety, HUGE, tasty and with that crunchy little ripple of goodness along the edge. And, of course, you can get a 2-egg breakfast with potatoes and your choice of breakfast meats for $5.75.

Line-ups happen on weekends and during the lunch rush. The crowd is a mix of hipsters and office workers from the law courts down the street. The only downside is the washrooms could use some updating and a bit of cleaning. That seems to be the only part of the restaurant that didn't get renovated when the restaurant took over from the previous business and they feel old and grimy.

It's great to see a local diner offer such amazing quality and quantity at such a great value. Thank you Deacon's Corner for making my Vancouver breakfast dreams come true. Really, I can't be the only one dreaming of breakfast, can I?


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Deacon's Corner
101 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Jeannette Ordas is a Vancouver-based Web Designer andFood Bloggerwho is probably right now thinking about what she'll make for dinner. 

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Posted: Fri, Apr 03 2009 by foodnetworkcanada

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