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At the Movies: Test Your Knowledge of Food on Film


Posted by : Food Network Canada, Mon, Feb 21 2011

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Put your popcorn where your mouth is and test your appetite for food on film with our trivia challenge.


Food on Film 


1. In the animated film classic, Lady and the Tramp, two dogs fall in love when they kiss unexpectedly while eating ________.

2. In Julie & Julia, Amy Adams plays a character that blogs about her attempt to cook every recipe in the first cook book written by ___________.

3. An unhappy housewife bonds with an old woman in a nursing home over stories about her life at the Whistle Stop Café. The restaurant serves this southern dish, which is also the name of this Oscar nominated movie: ____________.

4. A family copes with the death of its matriarch by revitalizing its Sunday dinner tradition that includes fried chicken, collard greens, and corn bread. Name that movie: _________.

5. Julia Roberts plays a character that indulges in the cuisine of this country, while on her journey of self-discovery in Eat Pray Love. Name that country: ___________.

6. In the 1971 fantasy film, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Violet Beauregarde ignores Wonka’s warning, and chews an experimental gum that makes her turn blue, and swell into a _________.

7. This movie isn’t about a group of people that get together for a morning meal as the title may suggest, but rather it is an 80s teen angst classic about a group of high school kids that spend a Saturday in detention. Name that movie: __________.

8. In this recent Disney movie and winner of the 2007 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, Remy the Rat moves to Paris to live his culinary dreams through a restaurant garbage boy named Linguini. Name that movie: _____________.

9. Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp star in this romantic movie about a woman who opens a chocolate shop in a small French village. Name that movie: _____________.

Check below the "At the Movies" banner for answers to our trivia questions.


Glenn Calderon is a Toronto-based writer and self-proclaimed “bachelor foodie.” He enjoys trying new restaurants and writing about it. Currently, he is attempting to teach himself how to cook but always has a fire extinguisher nearby, just in case.   


Visit the Awards Night site for more great Oscar coverage. 


 At the Movies 


Julia Child
Fried Green Tomatoes
Soul Food
The Breakfast Club

How did you score?
1-3 correct
Watching people eat isn’t fun for you. You shouldn’t watch movies when you’re hungry. It makes it hard to concentrate.

4-6 correct
Eating and listening at the same time may be difficult for you. You must have been pre-occupied with the popcorn in your lap.

7-10 correct
You’re a foodie film fanatic! For you, food is art, and you like to enjoy it on film as much as you like to eat it.

Hit the comments below to share your score with the Food Network community.


Posted: Mon, Feb 21 2011 by Food Network Canada

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