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The Village Feast: Michael Smith's One-Hour Special Features Mega Dinner for Charity


Posted by : Food Network Canada, Thu, Mar 29 2012

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Around these parts, Chef Michael Smith is known to be a culinary adventurer (Chef Abroad) and an always affable home-cooking guide (Chef at Home). But, at the centre of his 6'7 frame lies an even bigger heart; one that recently took on a great cooking challenge for a charity known as, The Village Feast (the culmination of which you can watch in a one-hour special airing Saturday, March 31st at 7pm ET—hey, we're the Food Network, this is what we do!).

Michael Smith The Village Feast 1
The event went down on Michael's beloved Prince Edward Island (where he's practically royalty) and involved organizing and preparing an impressive 1,000-person gourmet dinner to raise money for Farmers Helping Farmers--an organization that is helping to rebuild a cookhouse in Kenya (a building where school-aged children go to have their lunches prepared and served).

The old cookhouse was in rough shape, feeding 200 kids a day using an open fire. The new building includes two smoke-free, wood-efficient burners as well as running water.


The traditional farming and fishing village of Souris, P.E.I. has faced its own hardships with two major fish plants recently shutting down. But, in true East Coast-fashion, the residents of this close-knit community rallied together for a common cause.

The local producers and a small army of volunteers were joined by Michael's chef friends from across the country who each answered the call to action without compensation or travel expenditures. Together they prepared 500 pounds of potatoes, 500 pounds of mussels, and 100 pounds of bacon! 

Using a food event to help build a cookery building is a beautiful idea, but it's also a massive undertaking. How did it all come together and what hurdles did they face along the way? You know the drill: tune-in to find out :)



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