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Top Chef Canada Trevor Bird's Opening Party


Posted by : Dan Clapson, Thu, Jun 07 2012

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What’s the next best thing to winning the title of Canada’s top chef? Well, I’d say taking the runner-up spot and opening up your very own restaurant.


Last week I was lucky enough to attend Top Chef Canada finalist, Trevor Bird’s opening party for Fable, his farm-to-table focused establishment in Vancouver.


The man was all smiles and high fives in a room filled with family, friends, local Vancouver foodies and, of course, Top Chef Canada fans. Busy in the open kitchen, I spotted another familiar face, Curtis Luk.


Following the taping of Top Chef Canada season two, cheftestants Curtis Luk and Trevor Bird remained good friends, which eventually resulted in Luk trekking from Ottawa to the west coast to become the Chef de Cuisine at Fable.


Small bites of menu items floated throughout the room over the course of the evening. Dishes like mushroom flatbread, potato-crusted chicken and flat iron steak with black pepper jam gave attendees a hint of what Fable has to offer.


When no one was looking, I snuck into the kitchen in search of Curtis’s macarons. I was in luck, he had just baked some earlier that day. Speaking from personal experience, macarons taste so much better when someone else is making them. Trust me.


Although, my time in Vancouver didn’t allow for an actual sit-down dinner at Trevor’s new restaurant, I was able to pop by for a weekend brunch. The simple menu featured items like French toast with blueberry preserve and scrambled eggs.


My friend went for the eggs, which came served in a mason jar, layered with spinach and bacon, topped with parmesan foam.


I had Trevor’s Fable Egg, a hash made of lardons, kale, mushrooms and potatoes with a farm egg on top.


Seeing as it was Sunday morning, I had to order the Brunch Caesar. Accented by sweet tomato jam and garnished with house-made pepperoni, the drink proved to be the perfect hangover cure.


Also notable on the brunch menu were the homemade breakfast sausages and bacon. A thick slice of cured pork that blurred the lines between bacon and pork belly. Not that that’s a bad thing! My table had to order seconds.


If the restaurant success of season one winner, Dale MacKay, is any indication, I think that this season’s finalist is in for a busy, busy year here at Fable!








Posted: by Dan Clapson

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