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Recipe to Riches: Season 2 Episode 1 Judges' Recap


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Wed, Oct 17 2012

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Cherilynn’s Classic Battenburg cake was so beautiful that it actually looked commercial. There was something retro about it.  I really liked its pink and green squares lined with jelly. We also thought it was a good time for the cake because of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, so a bit of Britain on our grocery shelves would have been appropriate. It was so perfect-looking though, it looked like it should have more flavour than it did. In fact it’s quite a plain cake. And the marzipan was a bit of a divider for me because not everyone loves that strong almond taste. But overall the cake had such amazing execution.

Jillianne’s Chocolate Butterscotch Pot de Crème was one of the top recipes from the audition round for me. We all remembered it. When the recipe tastes that good, you just can’t have one bite, you end up having ten. I thought that if it was going to be considered a sophisticated dessert, the top would have been better if it was made of dark chocolate and had a bit more texture and crunch and not so soft. There wasn’t enough contrast between the top and bottom, and the milk chocolate sort of brings it down to the kiddy level.

Jason’s tart was extremely light and cheesecakes are known to be heavy. His was almost a sort of honey ricotta textured filling,which wasn’t overly sweet. I could see it being the perfect sized dessert on a cocktail tray with little bits of fruit that you could still pair with your cheese and wine. It would be perfect! 

Classic Battenburg Cake 




Baking is always a difficult thing to do. Bakers are very different from cooks and that showed during this category. The kitchen was quiet, people were concentrating and the attention to detail that is required in baking is always underestimated by those who don’t do it.
It was very interesting to me that Jillianne had pulled her caramel off so early because I would think that knowing her recipe that well, she would rely on color and smell that would tell her that the wonderful buttercotchy-ness was ready. I don’t know if it was her nerves that got to her or she just hadn’t practiced her recipe as much as I thought she had.

Jay completely surprised me. He was so organized and thought of every problem that could have presented itself during the batch up. He is obviously the type of person who could plan some sort of mission to Mars because he literally thought of every problem that I could think of and had answer for all of them. He really impressed me.

When we got to the other end of the kitchen, I was concerned that Cherilynn would not have enough time, so the fact that she got it all done really shocked me. There was so much detail, so many elements. If you had asked me beforehand I would have bet you ten bucks that she would not get it done. 

Honey Cheese Pastries 



During the product launch challenge, both of the competitors changed their product names, which caused a little confusion for me, but the events themselves were exceptional.
We had one picking up the notes of France with her Delish de Crème and creating this graceful Marie Antoinette vibe. The event made it very easy to try what I thought was a very accessible and a delicious butterscotch chocolate pudding recipe.

And on the other side we had Jason, who is this cool heavy metal guitarist, and he brought his recipe to life with an original song with a band and dancers. It was a beautifully orchestrated event but it didn’t necessarily draw you in to what the recipe was all about. He changed his name to include tart and I couldn’t understand why he went from a Bees Nest to a tart because that takes me down a road of blueberry and raspberry and tin foil cups and everything else you would expect when you say the word 'tart'. I thought Bees Nest evoked how original his recipe was. 

Chocolate Butterscotch Pots de Crème 



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