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Back and Forth: Chatting with Our Twitter Followers - Week 4


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Tue, Nov 06 2012

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It's that time of the week again: Back and Forth, our new weekly blog post where we post what we've been chatting with our Twitter followers about over the past week. For our fourth installment, we asked you what the strangest Halloween treats you've ever gotten were. Some of the responses were really surprising and hilarious! So check out these great tweets and tweet us @FoodNetworkCA to let us know if your answer made our post!


@DrinkingRobot - Weirdest Halloween treat I ever got... six pack of Cola, Maple Leaf hockey tickets, a comb and brush set.
@calliesbiscuits - Halloween tissues... #trickortreat
@ByrneMGL - A package of instant chicken noodle soup #worsethananapple
@barthanar - A toothbrush lol. That's not a Halloween treat.


@kaleekinetik - I once got a lollipop with a cricket in it when I was out trick or treating on #Halloween night.
@All_Things_Tea - The drummer from the heavy metal band Helix lived in our 'hood. He gave me a can of beer in 1985. I was 10. My dad drank it.
@ajbekk - I got a whole box of cereal; a big box!!

Next, we asked how you spice up your Monday night dinners to get the week off to an interesting start.


@PerryAtLarge - Turn weekend leftovers into soup/stew. Quick, easy, uses up leftovers and brings back memories of the weekend. #mondaymenu
@LisaBaillargeon - Monday night spice is whichever spice I close my eyes and pull out of the spice cabinet. Supper is made accordingly :-)




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