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Recipe to Riches Episode 4: Judges' Recap


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Thu, Nov 08 2012

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What amazed me about this episode is that you come into something thinking it’s going to go one way and in the end it never ends up being that way. We have to always think on our feet and base the decisions on what we see in front of us so there is no prediction and we aren’t easily influenced on what our preconceived feelings are. I think it’s inevitable that the batch up doesn’t turn out as well as the recipe they prepared at home but we saw some REALLY big differences between the audition rounds and the batch up.

Belen had a great recipe in the audition, and she was very sweet so it was sad to see her go. Benji came out of his shell a bit and added a sense of humour that probably didn’t come out in the audition rounds but really came out during his time on the show. And the craziness of Jackie was consistent from beginning to end!

Curry Crab Sticks 




It’s really interesting how sometimes a person’s best quality is also their worst! Take Jackie for example. She has an amazing recipe because she cares about every single ingredient she uses. That’s why the meatballs she brought to auditions were so delicious! But that same care and attention to detail almost lost her the entire competition. If she had not had so much extra help she couldn’t have finished the batch up challenge at all. On the one hand she should have been penalized for that near miss but her recipe is so strong that we couldn’t help but be swayed in her direction.

I don’t know how Benji made his crab sticks before he got to the batch up but at the auditions there was such delicacy in the way they were made. He obviously took a lot of time and care to make 12 individually perfect ones. Unfortunately when he got to the batch up and had to make hundreds, he couldn’t maintain that standard. Regrettably, that’s what the batch up is all about: it’s structured to test whether recipes contain the right language so that other people can achieve the same results as the author. It’s a shame Benji didn’t succeed; he had a new and innovative idea.

I think the same could be said for Belen. She had perfect, beautiful falafel-y orbs when we saw them in the auditions but after the batch up, they became almost cookie-like with a soggy bottom and a big piece of cheese dominating the centre. Even more so than Benji, Belen’s recipe wasn’t written and tested well enough to transition from her imagination to other people’s hands.

Smoky Korean Meatballs 



We wanted Benji to go up-market to convince people you could put actual quality on a stick, but instead he went down-market. He decided to create a carnival theme but had an intimidating voice by using the megaphone and by bellowing he created a wall that people had to walk around. The name “Spiked Coconut Crab Bites” was great but he buried his only signage. Benji has an unbelievable passion and worked that entire crowd.

Jackie executed every detail perfectly: she brought Korea to Canada with dancers, and candles that reflected the spices of the product. But she stood there in her fur coat and acted like the name of her product, “Empress,” and took the attention away from her brand. I thinks she took as much time getting the spotlight on herself then her recipe and I would have preferred there to be more of a balance and put more emphasis on her recipe.

Quinoa Cumin Bites 



If you missed it, watch the full episode here.




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