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Back and Forth: Chatting With Our Twitter Followers - Week 5


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Tue, Nov 13 2012

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Ready for the fifth installment of Back and Forth? This is our new weekly blog post where we post some of the fun things we've been talking to our Twitter followers about. This week, we turned the tables around and wanted to know if you had any food-related questions for us. Here are some of the tweets that got us thinking. Tweet us @FoodNetworkCA to let us know if your question made our post!

Q: @CapitalFish - What is your best recipe for Fettuccini Alfredo?

A: Michael Smith has a fantastic recipe for this classic dish. His fettuccini alfredo is sure to have your family rushing to the dinner table. It was even featured as the Cooking Club Challenge in October 2011. You can view all of the yummy entries here.


Q: @kalelpug - How long really can butter-cream last if refrigerated?

A: In our experience, it can last up to two weeks in the fridge or two months in the freezer. If you’ve already frosted your cake, you can refrigerate it for two days in the fridge.

Q: @justghae – How do you properly sharpen knives?

A: Great question! Chuck Hughes shows you the proper way in this video. You can also check out our classic interview with Peter Hertzmann of “Knife Skills Illustrated: A User's Manual” here.


Q: @Hlewis2Lewis - How do you avoid crying when cutting onions?

A: One of the great mysteries of life. Two tricks that seem to work for us are cutting the onion in half and then running it under cold water before continuing to chop, and using a sharp knife instead of a dull one. Good luck (and let us know if these work for you!).


Next, we asked you if you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring three foods with you, what would they be? The responses we got were so fascinating!

@TinaTaus - Cheese, Chips, and Broccoli (comprises most of the food groups)

@rocket_tan - Breaded mozzarella sticks, breaded ravioli, and homemade jalapeño poppers. #itsthatkindofday
@aliciabeesha78 - Being pregnant for my third time with cravings I'd say roasted red pepper hummus, creamy coleslaw and brownies. #cravings
@ReadyOwl - Hmm, Cheese (aged cheddar), Appleton Rum and a really big loaf of multigrain bread.

@LuvCanada69 - Chicken (any kind), Mac & Cheese, & Pickles


@wholehearty - Just 3? Coconut, avocado, and salmon

@meghancooke - I'd bring a selection of pasta, beans & cheese! (I'm assuming island will have greens to forage!)




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