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Recipe to Riches: Episode 5 Judges' Recap


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Thu, Nov 15 2012

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Mary displayed the biggest personality, but sometimes I wonder if that big personality doesn’t overshadow the recipe. But the dough in her recipe was really interesting and I’ve never tasted anything like that before.
Having Steph, the punk rock lawyer whose number one recipe was a tofu dish is WILD!  She stood out for me the most. I remembered her. She dressed in a unique way and really stuck in my memory.
Rick had one of the best tasting entrees that we’ve had ever on Recipe to Riches, but it was also a big surprise! I originally thought “oh what a mish mash” and “which is it? Italian or Indian? Make a decision!” But in fact in turned out to be the perfect vehicle for butter chicken.

General Tso Tofu 




The entrée batch up was interesting because we had a real range of complexity. Steph’s recipe, although time consuming to make, was much less complicated then Mary’s, which literally is one of the longest recipes I have ever seen in this competition. They had very different challenges. Steph’s was about time management, Mary’s was about making sure that everything went into her recipe, there was an awful lot of work and double-checking for her.
Rick, interestingly enough, he should have had one of the most middle-of-the-road tasks but yet somehow his math didn’t work out for him and he ended up facing a challenge that was so avoidable. It’s the kind of mistake that you can deal with at home but in the batch-up challenge for Recipe to Riches could be a make or breaker – I’m glad he made it through!

Jerk Chicken Buns 



That was the best competition I’ve seen yet over the two seasons of the show. Two gladiators with two great recipes. Both completed their batch up challenges with professionalism and their marketing challenges were great.
The only criticisms I could find with Rick was that he brought together the two great “I”s in culinary culture, Italy and India with his Butter Chicken Lasagna. But he only dotted one “I” which was focusing too much on India and not enough showing combination of the two.
I didn’t really like the name of Mary’s product. She brought in this concept named “bun-dles” and to me a bundle is a either a combination or a package of more then one thing together, versus what she really had which was jerk chicken in a bun. But all in all both of them I was really proud of they really took the spirit of this competition to a new level.

Butter Chicken Lasagna 


If you missed it, you can watch the full episode here.



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