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Top 5 Gingerbread Recipes


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Mon, Dec 03 2012

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With the holidays just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than by whipping up some of your favourite gingerbread treats? From layered cakes to cupcakes, there's no denying that this is the season for gingerbread. These are the top 5 gingerbread recipes from the past year (according to site statistics).

1. Brown Butter Cranberry Gingerbread Cakes with Brown Butter Caramel Sauce 


At the top of our list is this yummy fusion of cranberries, gingerbread and brown butter, courtesy of Anna Olson. This is sure to get your guests' mouths watering.

2. Classic Gingerbread Cake 


You can't go wrong with this classic recipe. Served with a side of whipped cream (or ice cream if you prefer), it's always a crowd-pleaser.

3. Elegant Gingerbread Layer Cake with Raspberries and Lemon Buttercream Frosting 


How gorgeous is this gingerbread layer cake? Topped with raspberries and lemon buttercream frosting, it adds a great twist to the warmth of gingerbread.

4. Bobby Flay's Gingerbread Cupcakes with Caramelized Mango Buttercream 


Courtesy of Chef Bobby Flay, these gingerbread cupcakes get a tropical twist with caramelized mango buttercream. Serve them at your holiday party and watch your guests devour them.

5. Lemon Gingerbread Cake 


Perfect with a mid-afternoon cup of tea, a slice of lemon gingerbread cake is sure to hit the spot.





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