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Back and Forth: Chatting With Our Twitter Followers - Week 9


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Tue, Jan 15 2013

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It's that time of the week again where we share some of the conversations we've had with our Twitter followers over the past few days. We read each and every one of your tweets and they never fail to make us laugh and keep us entertained all day long! Tweet us @FoodNetworkCA to let us know if your tweets made our post!


This week, in order to celebrate the premiere of our new show Sugar Dome (airing Mondays at 10pm ET), we wanted to hear about your dream cake. We asked if you could have any cake in the world designed for you, what shape would you choose? Needless to say, we got some interesting responses. Check them out below!


@antennadude - CN Tower
@SandraHalePhoto - A DSLR!!!! :) #photographer #birthdaycake
@daphcam - The Las Vegas strip
@th3hungrycat - A block of cheese!
@PumpkinGirl78 - A pumpkin! #HalloweenFan #VeggieGrower
@ghenghisken - A globe
@Jilly1218 - An apple, grew up on an apple farm, that's where my roots are
‏@natashalukic - The statue of David
@sweethartconf - A campsite with a canoe
@benshairnet - The Great Wall of China. You can see it from outer space so its size is comparable to my appetite for cake

Next, we're definitely guilty of occasionally eating leftovers for breakfast, and we wanted to know what some of your oddest breakfast indulgences are.


@Qua_Quilter - I have an addiction to cheesecake and often save it from dinner for next day’s breakfast.
@tammy_troubleJA - Leftover oxtail w/rice and peas w/scotch bonnet pepper..Yum yum....it's so much better in the morning!
@AceCurriesToGo - Curry flavored meat balls cooked with potato and pea curry hash and cilantro and curry scrambled eggs with crispy naan Mmm:)
@Wawwas - 24 oz porterhouse with port wine reduction and some green beans gratineed with gruyere. #breakfastofchampions
@thebaldbiker - My buddy once made an omelette out of a leftover donair. He's a chef now.
@Abby_R9 - Sri Lankan food called puttu made out of flower and eaten with eggplant curry.
‏@terrylo_calgary - Fried spaghetti with garlic escargot and bacon
@myweekendbakery - Lasagna and beef stew . . . although not on the same day.

As always, tweet us @FoodNetworkCA if you have any food-related questions or if you want to join the discussion!




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