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Here's What Happened on the Chopped Canada Premiere


Posted by : Ania Krysa, Fri, Jan 03 2014

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Last night, we saw four talented chefs competing for the Chopped Canada grand prize of $10,000, judged by three of Canada’s brightest culinary stars. At the premiere episode’s chopping block, we had judges Michael Smith, Anne Yarymowich, and Vikram Vij. Chefs Matt Binkley, Jonathan O’Callaghan, Tim Schorno, and Stephanie Brewster manned the stoves, ready for battle. For more on our competitors and judges, check out the episode detail page here.

Out of the gate, Chef Stephanie’s lack of hustle was something the judges couldn't seem to comprehend; it caused Michael Smith visible stress. As the other chefs raced around, Stephanie was distracted and didn’t seem to be in the game (we later found out it was for a good reason – her son was in the hospital). Even at her tortoise-like pace, she survived round one’s chopping block. Chef Jonathan didn’t; he forgot to plate one of the mystery ingredients and was chopped.
By the entrée round, Chef Matt was the dastardly hare to Stephanie’s tortoise. But instead of bragging about his speed, this hare couldn't seem to stop bragging about his culinary experience. His skills did, in fact, save him from the chopping block in round 2. Chef Tim wasn’t so lucky. The judges thought he didn't incorporate the mystery ingredients well enough, so he was out.

We all know that in the fable (spoiler alert!), the slow and steady tortoise ends up beating the cocky hare. Is it going to be the same for Chefs Stephanie and Matt in the last challenge – the dessert round? Tensions rose when both chefs decided to make a bread pudding out of the mystery ingredients. It was neck-and-neck at the end but it was the tortoise for the win. Stephanie proved that slow and steady does win the race after all.


Watch the premiere episode online here.
For everything Chopped Canada, check out www.choppedcanada.ca.


Posted: Fri, Jan 03 2014 by Ania Krysa
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