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Top 10 Valentine's Day Cocktails


Posted by : Souzan Michael, Fri, Feb 14 2014

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Valentine's Day is a touchy subject for many people. It's a day you either love or loathe, with a very small window of indifference in between. That being said, whether you're sharing an intimate dinner with your sweetie, or throwing an anti-Valentine's Day bash with your closest friends, one thing that's bound to make an appearance is alcohol. We've rounded up 10 delicious pink cocktails for you (made with pink lemons!) to indulge in tonight.

valentines day cocktails  


1. Hanky Pinky 2. Pink Lemon Rumble 3. Pink Archipelago 

4. Packapink Punch 5. Pink Thunder 6. Pinkee Plus 

7. Pink Goose 8. Rumba Rose 9. Pink Persuasion 10. Pink Stinger  






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