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Anthony Sedlak: We Will Miss You


Posted by : Foodnetwork Canada, Mon, Jul 09 2012

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On Monday morning we received tragic news that Anthony Sedlak had passed away. We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Anthony’s family during this difficult time.

We were first introduced to Anthony in 2005 on the set of Superstar Chef Challenge where he wowed us all with his warm personality, passion for his craft and skill in the kitchen. Since that time Anthony became a much loved member of the Food Network family, entertaining and inspiring fans through four seasons of The Main and his latest venture, Family Cook-Off. His passing is a terrible loss and he will be sadly missed by all of us at Food Network.




From the moment I met Anthony in a fishing village in BC, I knew I had found a friend. He was so full of energy and fun. We shot a segment for ET Canada where he made me a beautiful halibut with sweet potato puree. He loved food! He loved eating it, loved making it and loved talking about it. And I loved learning from him. I made that dish as soon as I got home and felt proud. 


Our friendship blossomed during our time together shooting Family Cook Off in Vancouver last summer. We had an amazing time together on and off set. He made me laugh every day, and I was always touched by his sweet, warm heart. Kindness and joy emanated from him and he shared that light with everyone he met. I am deeply saddened by this sudden and tragic loss, but I will be forever grateful for knowing him. My heartfelt condolences are with his family and loved ones.

-- Kim D'Eon, Family Cook-Off  



I first met Anthony while producing Season 1 of The Main. You’ve never seen a more keen and willing host. We all knew the moment he stepped onto the set that this guy was gifted. He owned it – the TV and the plate - and what he created was magic. Anthony had unbridled enthusiasm and he had a heart of gold – truly. We always said that this fella must have been brought up right – the kind of son any mom would be proud of. He was so polite and thoughtful not to mention a kick-butt chef. You could tell he just loved to share his passion for cooking with anyone who would listen. And he’d always say that putting together an “awesome” meal was really not that hard… trust me. Anthony, you’ll always be “top shelf” (one of his favourite terms) to us. You’re missed already. 


-- Holly Gillanders Production Executive, Lifestyle Original Programming 




From the first time I met Anthony on the set of The Main, I was struck by his impish charm, his wide eyed enthusiasm, his impeccable manners, his easy confidence in front of the camera, his smile and his warm hug. He lifted the room with his energy and excitement – and thanked us all I think about a dozen times for this big break! I told him that he earned it and that we were lucky to have an exciting new star – no thanks needed, just do a great job.
And boy did he.
With every season of that show, Anthony got better and better – even though I always had a giggle with his pronunciation of “olive oil!” I get a lot of cookbooks in my job, and must admit, not all make their way onto my regular shelf at home, but The Main one is well used. I will cook from it again soon (particularly his marinated lamb chops) and think of our friend.
His passing is so incredibly sad, but we will always have this in our memories: his food to cook, to enjoy and share with friends; and thankfully, because of the fact he was on television, the sound of his voice and the sight of his twinkling eyes and goofy smile are there for us to see anytime we need to.


-- Leslie Merklinger, Acting Senior Director, Original Lifestyle Content 




I am heartbroken. Anthony, Kim and I became insta-family during our filming of Family Cook-Off. He had an infectious enthusiam and we had so much fun working together and doing what we love to do. Anthony was a passionate cook and knew his stuff. And he loved to do TV. But mostly, he loved his family and buddies and we miss him greatly. My thoughts are with his family.

 -- Trish Magwood, Family Cook-Off


The last time I saw Anthony, he was on the line at his CheeseSteak restaurant in Vancouver doing what he loved to do shortly after it opened.  There was a huge lineup and you could tell he was having fun and very proud.

--Roger Mooking, host of Heat Seekers  



I first met Anthony Sedlak back in 2007 on the set of his new show The Main in Toronto. He was sweet, enthusiastic, and sooooo excited about having his own show on Food Network Canada. He had just turned 24! This is what I wrote about him at the time:

Have you ever met someone so young, accomplished, and talented that your own petty jealousies made you kinda want to dislike them, but you couldn't because they are so darn nice? Well that's what it was like meeting Anthony Sedlak, the winner of 2005 Superstar Chef Challenge. 

There's a lot of buzz here at the Food Network HQ about Anthony Sedlak, and having met him, I can see why. The man once described as the "lovechild of Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain" is charming, charismatic, and an accomplished chef.  Not to mention that he's… well… cute, really cute. This Vancouver-native is Canada's answer to England's Jamie Oliver and America's Dave Lieberman.

Over the years, I saw him go from a young man with baby fat (!) to a lean, accomplished (and tattooed) man about town. I'm so sorry to hear about his death. He was just 29 and had so much more to offer, but I hope his family and friends will find solace in all that he accomplished in his much-too-short life.

-- Catherine Jheon, Managing Editor, Lifestyle 



I had the pleasure of interviewing Anthony on several occasions. He was a vibrant young chef, at times cheeky, but always ready to share his passion for cooking and food. Over the last several years we've watched him bloom into a formidable figure in Canada's foodie community and I am at once saddened by, and honoured, to have the memories of our several encounters throughout his promising but very short life and career.  

-- Elana Safronsky, Managing Editor, Lifestyle



Anthony on Foodnetwork.ca:  


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